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We Bring Your Case Into Focus

Litigation Insights’ Services

The best preparation helps you gain insight and be more persuasive. Our pre-trial, trial and post-trial services support you from the start and carry you through to the finish. We help you look at your case from all the important angles.

We work to identify themes and strategies that help you influence and persuade. We help you gain understanding and confidence, and be savvier about your case.

SINCE 2015

  • We listen.

    We want to know what you are trying to accomplish and how we can support you in your goals.
  • We customize.

    We use our social science training to create test designs that strive to match what you expect at trial so you can rely on what you learn from our research projects. We minimize false positives so you have more confidence in the results.
  • Useful data analysis & meaningful solutions.

    We interpret the data in meaningful ways for your trial prep and offer thematic and strategic solutions that resonate with members of the jury.
  • Visual storytelling.

    From years of experience and hundreds of engagements, we know the right combination of words and images to use for meaning and memorability.
  • Calm under fire.

    Litigation preparation and trials themselves require long periods of concentration and level-headed thinking. We are a steady and dependable resource.

Client Testimonials

  • I have used Litigation Insights’ jury research on almost every major case I have tried in the last 15 years. Their research analysis has invariably helped to understand how a jury is likely to view our case and also how to further refine our themes to better connect with the jury.

    Michael T. Nilan - Nilan Johnson Lewis PA

  • When you have to go to trial, you want team partners who are smart, cool under pressure, and a cut above the competition in delivery. I’ve worked with Litigation Insights for 16 years because they are all of these things. Even in trial they point out significant things a team of lawyers sometimes misses. Litigation Insights is strong in all phases of the game and you will not go wrong with them.

    Jerry Blackwell - Blackwell Burke P.A.

  • I have used every one of their services – jury consulting, case theme development, witness preparation and graphics. It’s nice to have all of this expertise available from one firm. Working with [them] is efficient and convenient.

    Joe Price - Faegre Baker Daniels

  • The firm name, “Litigation Insights” is apt! Their consultant, Christina Marinakis, proposed creative ideas and tailored the themes to our jurisdiction and to my style, making me a better trial attorney. I will certainly be using their services in my next jury trial.

    Diane E. Citrino - Giffen & Kaminski LLC

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