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#GivingTuesday, Hurricane Matthew and Schools Not Slavery

Last Fall, Litigation Insights committed to ongoing support for Schools Not Slavery, a Beyond Borders program that works to dramatically improve lives in Haiti. Together, we helped launch an effort with the people of Senma, to transform their village from a place of extreme deprivation into a safer, healthier community for children and families.

We’re already seeing exciting and encouraging results:

  • 10 local children – eight girls and two boys – forced by extreme poverty into household slavery were freed and returned home from Port-au-Prince;
  • 250 women and men graduated from Beyond Borders’ six-month Child Rights Training program;
  • a robust Child Protection Brigade began organizing adults in Senma to stop the flow of children from their community into slavery; and
  • Senma’s National School committed to educating every vulnerable child in Senma.

Unfortunately, the unpredictable recent destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti makes the realization of this vision somewhat more challenging.

Fortunately, Senma’s Hurricane Matthew aid comes directly from Schools Not Slavery. The very same approach Schools Not Slavery uses to help the poorest families lift themselves out of poverty is now being used to help those hit hardest by Hurricane Matthew. This proven approach – known as the Graduation Model – will ensure that each family can make a full recovery from the storm in 18 months.

Even more fortunately, tomorrow, November 29th is #GivingTuesday.

All donations made on the 29th will be matched twice, increasing your donation by as much as 150%! Litigation Insights is using this opportunity to make another significant contribution to Schools Not Slavery. Why? We want to take advantage of this special offer at this special time of need.

We invite you to visit the link below to learn more. If you find yourself as enamored with this cause as we did, please consider using #GivingTuesday to make your donation even more powerful.

Click Here to Read More and Donate

We thank you for reading about this important cause, and wish you a happy and productive holiday season!


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