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Mesothelioma and asbestos-related illnesses are numerous and complicated. We know the field.

Asbestos Retro

Asbestos exposure and its alleged harms continues to be a highly litigated issue and we’ve been involved in dozens of these cases. We’ve administered jury questionnaires, prepared expert witnesses, and designed jury research projects to assess jury reactions to primary case themes, arguments, and evidence.

We’ve tested questions and cases related to:

  • Asbestos exposure from welding machines and Asbestos Containing Products;
  • Performance of mask and respirator protection for asbestos and silica dust;
  • Asbestosis vs. idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis diagnoses; and
  • The alleged synergistic effects of smoking and asbestos exposure in causing lung cancer.

Gash in BuildingOur jury research focus groups and mock trials have analyzed opening statements and case-in-chief overviews from each side. We’ve also tested variations in verdict form instructions to determine the effects of different instructions on damage amounts.

Our graphics are carefully crafted to illustrate the complex science and concepts important in this genre in terms your audience can understand.

We’ve worked on the front lines of asbestos litigation for nearly two decades. We know the issues and we can help.