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As a frequent target of negative media attention, auto companies need to have spot-on messages to persuade a skeptical jury.

U152 Frame Assembly Line

Litigation has never been easy for auto manufacturers. Fault and causation are difficult to pin down. Numerous variables and complex series of events can create grey areas, which plaintiffs can – and will – use to their advantage with a jury.

Automotive companies are in the limelight now more than ever, and unflattering press can turn public opinion against you — not just directly, but by mere association with the industry. Add in politics, regulatory pressure, social media and entrepreneurial plaintiffs’ lawyers, and what may initially have seemed like small-scale issues can become mass tort litigation in no time.

We’re here to offer a variety of services to give you back the edge.

For example, we’ll test your case on representative mock jurors and tease out the most influential evidence, most effective trial graphics and most memorable case themes. We’ll look at the toughest challenges of your case – whether they be prior accidents, an adverse NHTSA report, a recall or a particularly sympathetic plaintiff – and help you defuse them. And when that case comes to trial, we’ll identify the jurors most likely to be receptive to your well-tailored story — and those you should avoid.

Our research can help you not only to present your best case at trial, but to pick the best case to try. When and where applicable, we can use our extensive research to help inform your input into the selection of bellwether cases, so you can identify the cases most likely to support your overall litigation strategy.

We’ve supplied our research and analysis to a number of the major auto manufacturers. Our experience runs the gamut of automotive litigation matters, such as:

  • Product liability
  • Design defect
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Warranty claims
  • Recalls
  • Litigation with suppliers and contractors
  • Regulatory compliance

Our insights – before, during, and after trial – will prepare you for any case this unpredictable arena can throw at you.