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Measure jurors’ reactions to mechanical failure, human error and related damages.


When accidents occur, we help you assemble, graphically present and emphasize the most impactful details and themes.

We’ve supported a variety of personal injury and accidental death cases in the aviation industry, including those involving mechanical failure, maintenance failure and process failure. Our clients learn how jurors are likely to assign fault and damages.

Examples of recent cases include:

  • Commercial plane crashes – We measure and report on mock jury reactions to maintenance process problems, cockpit voice recordings and collect opinions on damage awards.
  • Private plane crashes – We research and support cases involving mechanical malfunctions, pilot error and damage award amounts.

Research projects include deliberation groups, mock trials and inductive focus groups.

Our presentation technology specialists produce accident reconstruction videos, animations and timelines that help explain a sequence of events leading up to an accident.

We know the airlines, the equipment and the questions that arise in aviation litigation.