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When something goes awry in construction, fingers tend to point in all directions. We keep the jury focused on the facts and themes that support your story.

Construction - Internal View of J-bolt

When a construction schedule isn’t met or a customer claims the project result doesn’t match expectations, litigation is all too frequent and far too costly. In an industry with so many moving parts, so many steps and players between planning and completion, it’s easy for a jury to get bogged down in the minutiae—and lose sight of where the responsibility lies.

What you really need is to reframe and refocus and pin point exactly where things went wrong.

We’ve come to the aid of large construction companies, engineering firms, insurance companies, contractors and developers; so, no matter your business’ role in the building process, we’ve handled it all. Among others, our cases have involved claims of:

  • Late Project Completion
  • Budget Overruns
  • Design Deficiencies
  • Construction Defects
  • Breach of Contract
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Site Accidents and Safety Violations
  • Changes in Schedule or Scope of Work

Our professionals cut to the thematic core of your case. We’ll discover which of the many details, documents, and witnesses are likely to be the most memorable and persuasive to a jury. Meanwhile, we’ll build custom graphics based on our insights, tailor-made to help jurors understand your side from a technical and financial perspective—even when numerous testifying experts are involved.

We know the ins and outs of construction litigation. Together we’ll help the jury navigate the complexities and focus on your message.