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From failed equipment to fallen trees, an electrical accident can hit you hard and fast with costly litigation.

Electrocution - Aerial Lug and Jumper

It can be difficult to establish the exact source of an electrical accident, and feisty plaintiffs’ lawyers are more than happy to point the finger at you.

Those same lawyers can and will use potentially horrific injuries or property damage as emotional triggers, causing jurors to lose sight of the facts most important to your defense. Even vague claims may surprise you with a steep verdict.

Let’s keep the burden of proof squarely on the plaintiff. We’ll find out how jurors in your area are likely to respond, and help you identify and emphasize themes that will focus them on your story. We’re well-versed in the many intricacies of the relevant codes and standards, so we can speak your language — and translate it persuasively to a lay jury.

We’ve helped utilities and co-ops successfully defend against claims such as:

  • Personal injury / wrongful death
  • Property damage
  • Punitive damages

And we offer the full range of services. Worried about juror bias? We’ll single out likely problem jurors for voir dire, making sure your case is heard fairly and openly. Need a memorable, nuanced reconstruction graphic? Our graphics team has decades of experience showing jurors exactly what they need to see.

A sudden electrical accident doesn’t need to spell trouble for your company. Let’s get the jury on your side.