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One failed conductor or fallen tree can cause millions – even billions – in property damage.

Fault Currents Generated by Tree Fall

Fire cases are costing utility companies, power cooperatives, insurance companies and railroads more money every year. Environmental factors like droughts, currently wreaking havoc on the western US in particular, further increase the frequency and destruction of these fires.

Meanwhile, plaintiffs ranging from property owners to government agencies are coming up with increasingly creative ways to amplify the breadth of claims and achieve class certification. One popular new approach classifies the fire damage as an eminent domain “taking,” entitling plaintiffs to the fair market value of their property.

Against these unsettling developments, basic defense strategies just aren’t enough. Jurors are given endless reasons to hand you the mounting bill.

But we can identify the most effective approach to counter the claims against you. Whether you’re accused of having started the fire, or of having failed to take adequate steps to suppress or prevent it, our experience can help you minimize damages or even refute liability altogether. We’ve aided defense teams confronting a vast range of damages claims, including:

  • Catastrophic property loss
  • Soil sterilization
  • Intangible environmental damage
  • Loss of use and profits
  • Evacuation costs
  • Extra damages for trespass
  • “Reasons personal”
  • Emotional distress/punitive damages
  • Annoyance, discomfort, inconvenience

And it’s not one-size-fits all: Litigation Insights has spent over 20 years analyzing representative mock juries, discovering the methods and themes most persuasive in each individual case —your case.

Facing exorbitant damages for a fire? Look no further than Litigation Insights.