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Insurance Defense

Between negative media coverage and personal experiences, many jurors cast an unfavorable eye toward insurers. Let’s find the right themes to turn the tide.

Construct Insurance Dispute

We know all about juror attitudes toward the insurance industry, in part because we’ve done the studies ourselves. Nearly half of all jurors carry negative feelings about insurance companies. And you can’t strike half the jury pool.

What’s more, jurors often struggle with long, confusing policy documents and the intricacies of insurance law. They can begin to focus less on the facts and the law, and more on their emotions and biases.

But when you understand the challenges, you can find the solutions. That’s how we’ve helped insurers successfully defend themselves in a broad range of cases, such as:

  • Bad Faith and fraud
  • Contract disputes
  • Coverage
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Personal injury
  • Premise liability claims
  • Property damage
  • Third party reinsurance
  • Workers’ compensation claims

Our in-depth analysis tells us which jurors are most likely to resist your case so you can identify and strike the greatest threats during voir dire. Through our mock trials and deliberation groups, we develop powerful themes (down to the wording) and help you mold your case into a relatable, memorable story. Then, our graphics team brings that story – including those complicated policy documents – to life, so jurors are sure to hear and understand you loud and clear.

If you’re facing trial on behalf of an insurer, work with the jury consulting team that has spent over 20 years identifying and counteracting juror bias.