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Intellectual Property

Understand it, explain it and defend it.


Your clients are creating inventions and developing new methods and technologies that need to be protected and defended. When infringement or theft occurs, we can help you build a case to protect your clients and their interests.

We’ve worked in a variety of technical disciplines, including chemical, computer software and hardware, manufacturing, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. We apply this industry understanding to protect rights in a variety of legal matters, including:

  • Patent infringement cases related to:
    • Adhesive tabs
    • Computer software
    • Hard drives
    • DVD technology
    • Medical devices
  • Trademark cases related to:
    • Logo colors
    • Names
    • Art
    • Confusion and Reverse Confusion
  • Trade secret cases related to:
    • Chemical formulas
    • Automotive technology
    • Paint mixtures
    • Investment models
    • Industrial tool design

We apply the right research methods for the questions at hand. Projects include deliberation groups, mock trials, discovery insights research and inductive focus groups.

Our visual consultants also produce technical illustrations, presentations, animations, charts and timelines that demonstrate functionality and compare product features.

Let us help you explain, present and defend your most technical intellectual property cases.