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Oil & Gas

Oil and gas cases play with high stakes in an often unfriendly environment. Our team can help you mitigate the risk.

Oil and Gas

When millions of dollars are on the line, you want to know your case is in good hands. The oil and gas industry is frequently subject to negative press that can stoke juror bias and stack the odds against you.

Our mock jury studies, witness prep, and trial graphics help craft and present relatable themes, tailored to your audience. We can also identify the jurors most likely to carry biases against your client and who might gravitate to your opponent’s messaging. In short, we can turn your “Big Oil” case into a compelling, persuasive story.

We’ve handled cases involving:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Environmental Claims, including Groundwater and Soil Contamination
  • Health and Personal Injury Claims
  • Mineral Rights
  • Underground Trespass

With years of experience and clients that include some of the biggest corporations in the business, we certainly know the issues. Let us anticipate, identify, and overcome your case challenges so you can be at your most confident.

Cases in this industry are heated and bias prone. Let’s work together to craft a message that resonates.