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Toxic Tort

Big liability questions require thorough research and understanding.

Workers Working with Toxic Chemicals

Advances in technology, manufacturing and medicine bring benefits to our daily lives, but they can also bring additional litigation exposure. We’ve helped clients face litigation brought on behalf of individuals and groups and we know how to assess community and jury opinions.

Toxic Tort
We’ve designed and administered deliberation groups, mock trials and draft questionnaires testing themes and reactions for toxic tort cases all over the country. We’ve worked on toxic tort cases related to:

  • Occupational exposure (Benzene, asbestos, NORM)
  • Exposure in the home (Mold, lead and radon)
  • Consumer products (Pesticides and cleaning chemicals)
  • Water contamination by pesticides and fertilizers
  • Water contamination by livestock waste

We’ve been involved in numerous cases involving global manufacturing companies and matters related to exposure to their products and manufacturing processes.

Help jurors take the emotion out of toxic tort cases.
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