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Jurors’ Evaluation of Financial Industry Defendants During a Recession

Slowly coming away from the most recent recession, almost all Americans have found that they’ve been affected by the slumping economy in some way or another. Interested in examining how the past six years has affected juror bias, Litigation Insights conducted a nationwide survey of mock jurors to assess their attitudes toward banks, financial institutions and Wall Street. We wanted to evaluate jurors’ attributions of responsibility and determine if biases could influence the way jurors would view banking or finance defendants in trial as well as examine potential factors that distinguished between mock jurors with positive or negative attitudes toward the financial industry. Litigation Insights uses this study, together with the knowledge of the ways in which these issues shape jurors’ perceptions to help banking and finance defendants open jurors’ minds to their story of a case, better leveraging their position at trial.


If you would like to learn more about the rest of our findings, please contact Dr. Jill Leibold.

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