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Harness multimedia to promote meaningful learning.

The right animation can accomplish things that still images just can’t, especially when the subject matter is dense or complex. With the proper combination of language, picture, and movement, you’ll better engage jurors’ information processing systems and enhance their comprehension.

The primary advantage of animations is that they don’t require jurors to “mentally animate” between still images or struggle to build a picture out of verbal descriptions alone. Animations can guide jurors through various views and angles, slow or speed up time to emphasize crucial details, and add or remove information at will. When jurors only have to process the content that’s key to your case at any given time, they get a stronger grasp on your story, faster.

Our highly experienced Visual Communications consultants know what to include, what to exclude, and how to represent even your toughest subject matter in a jury-accessible way.

Turn overwhelming topics into something jurors will understand.

See how we’ve used animations to give our clients an edge with jurors.