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E-Brief Design and Development Made Fast and Easy.

Many courts require briefs in electronic format now, and this is an important opportunity to make your case quickly and persuasively. Well-organized and well-designed e-briefs help judges better understand your case by giving them everything they need in one place including hyperlinks from your table of contents and table of authorities to case law, exhibits and other documents. Additionally, any section of your e-brief can be linked to transcripts, video designations, graphics, animations and other interactive multimedia.

Law LibraryE-briefs are very effective in a number of case types including:

  • Intellectual property
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability

Building your e-brief. First, we learn your case and gather the details of the brief and motion you want to present. We build your e-brief in an open project management platform so you and your client have real-time access to the latest versions and modifications.

Delivering your e-brief. When complete, we deliver your e-brief in the court’s preferred format: CD, DVD, Flash Drive, or it can also be downloaded from our document sharing servers. As a PDF file, the judge can easily make comments and notes in the document and request further details.

Make sure your e-briefs are thorough and user-friendly. We can help.