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Electronic Site Surveys

Recreate what happened – bring specific locations and events to life to create the most accurate evidentiary exhibits.

Electronic Site SurveyElectronic site surveys allow us to digitally reproduce an environment with exact measurements creating some of the most compelling demonstrative and evidentiary exhibits you can use. They make case and location details easier to understand by precisely recreating topographical mapping, line-of-sight, roadway and building placement data.

Electronic site surveys are often used for the following types of cases:

  • Car crashes
  • Aircraft crashes
  • Environmental contamination
  • Device or mechanical failure
  • Building elevation and boundary issues

Our site survey technology allows us to not only place trees, signage, fencing and buildings accurately on a land model, but to even reproduce the foliage on trees or road surfaces with remarkable accuracy.

Give juries and judges the details they need to decide in your favor.

Show, rather than just tell.