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Graphics for Pre-Trial Motions & Hearings

Refined graphics aren’t just for juries; they’re for judges, too.

Graphics preparation is often reserved for when the trial is already in sight. Yet, the long path before trial is replete with early opportunities to gain or maintain an advantage — or even stave off the trial itself. As such, your graphics play a remarkably important role in those crucial development stages.

As the Expert v. Novice academic research supports, arguing the merits of your case with a judge in pre-trial hearings is a lot like dealing with a jury, just 1/12 the size; though perceived as experts, judges are subject to the same cognitive biases as jurors, making pre-trial graphics just as important to clear and persuasive communication.

The compelling graphics we provide can be indispensable demonstrative tools in a multitude of pre-trial situations, no matter what side of the case or motion you’re on:

  • Daubert hearings
  • Markman hearings
  • motions for summary judgment
  • motions to exclude evidence
  • motions to exclude certain types of compensatory damages
  • motions to add or dismiss a claim for punitive damages
  • tutorials in complex technical cases
  • mediations and settlement conferences
  • … and many more.

Whether you’re the moving party or the responding party, you know that the more complex the case, the greater the need to present and defend your positions in clear and easily-digestible ways. Showing up pre-trial with serious, powerful visuals can not only increase your ability to persuade the court of the merits of your motion or claim, but also communicate to your opponent the strength of your case and your resolve to win it.

Whether they’re simple flowcharts, timelines and document callouts, or more detailed tutorials, animations, reconstructions or product comparisons, we’ll help you plan, craft, and tighten each and every graphic you need for any pretrial scenario. And, of course, if a trial does come around, you’ll have litigation-ready graphics on lock.

“Graphics created early in a case help to focus my experts and refine our case themes.”
David Gass – Miller Johnson

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