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Jury Research

Our scientifically grounded methods produce results you can count on.

Courtroom DoorsJurors’ biases, as informed by their attitudes and personal experiences related to your case, can have a tremendous impact on your verdict at trial. Especially for matters where clients’ compensatory damages, and potential for punitive damages, could rise into the millions, there is great value in using pre-trial research to anticipate jurors’ emotional and cognitive responses to plaintiffs’ claims and defense themes.

Jury research tests the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s arguments and allows counsel to harness juror-initiated themes while developing strategies to overcome case weaknesses. Jury research may also yield juror profiles to inform jury selection strategies.

We customize our methods to your research goals, timeline, budget, and desired deliverables. Our consultants work with clients to tailor each research design and provide an accurate cost estimate for each project.