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Medical Illustrations

Most jurors aren’t doctors. But great graphics can teach them the medical science.

How do you help the jury make heads or tails of an MRI image? How do you present a medical report in a way that keeps jurors engaged? How do you synthesize multiple studies or expert opinions into a cohesive whole that reinforces your themes?

When defending medical cases, countering the plaintiff’s arguments is often sidelined by the need to teach layman jurors complex case facts, science, and obscure terminology – at times, all while working with grisly exhibits and facing a very sympathetic plaintiff.

In these situations, savvy visual strategies can make your arguments both compelling and accessible, while separating jurors’ emotions from the picture. Our graphics consultants bring abstract, unfamiliar medical concepts into clear view for jurors, teaching them exactly what they need to know to appreciate your story and stick to the facts.

Medical evidence can be the crux of your defense case – so don’t let jurors ignore it.

View how our medical illustrations and animations help explain complex medical concepts simply.