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Mock Trials, Real Learnings.

Take your messages and trial themes out for a test run.

Mock Trials Courtroom SignWould you make an opening or closing statement without practicing first? Without really thinking it through? Of course not. A mock trial is your dress rehearsal for the most important trial aspects. Take your messages and trial themes out for a test run with the mock trial consultants at Litigation Insights.

At Litigation Insights, we handle everything – especially finding the right mock jury so you can accurately test your case. The research we gather from mock trials allows you to incorporate individual witness testimony and graphics, as well as measure reactions to your presentations. We’ve developed a time-tested mock trial format that includes:

  • Opening statements by both parties
  • Case presentations
  • Live or surrogate witness testimony
  • Closing arguments

Mock TrialDuring and following a mock trial, the jurors also complete short questionnaires about the case, the facts, the witnesses, and their reactions. Then we divide the jurors into separate juries for additional fact-finding deliberations and debriefings. The process lets us know if your themes hold up to small-group interaction, just like in a jury room. We’ll find out if there’s a danger of jury room bias or confusion, or if you’ve inspired jury room advocacy.

Contact our mock trial consultants today and practice before you get to court.