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Post-Verdict Interviews

What worked in your trial? What didn’t? Why?

Law Scale

Post-trial individual juror interviews bring understanding and clarity on how decisions are made.

Whether it’s good news or bad news, you want to know how and why a verdict was reached. You need to validate and reinforce good strategies and techniques, and avoid less effective ones in the future. And, it’s important to capture these impressions immediately after a verdict.

We help you get at the heart of the matter.

We interview jurors individually and ask them specifically which components of your themes and arguments resonated with them. We get them to open up and be frank about their attitudes and opinions. This method is powerful for isolating individual interpretations, bias and reactions.

Prepare for appeals.

Post-trial juror interviews are particularly valuable for appeals and for pending litigation on similar matters.

Gain reliable insight into individual juror thoughts and reactions, and apply what you learn to future cases.

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