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Support for Motions, Hearings, & Mediation

Make your best case – and leave the tech to us.

Courtroom DoorsSmooth, professional communication is persuasive to jurors, judges, and mediators alike. A strong showing pre-trial can direct the outcome in your favor.

Stumbling over a sudden computer error, however, can damage your impact in an instant. In pre-trial scenarios, don’t let technical issues hinder your ability to make powerful arguments. With a senior graphics technician on-site to safeguard your pacing and flow, you’ll be in the best position to demonstrate the strength of your claims and defend against opposing motions.

Our clients know that the reliability of their technology is at the foundation of a persuasive visual presentation. At Litigation Insights, our consultants have no fewer than 12 years’ experience in the application of industry-leading presentation software and equipment, as well as an advanced knowledge of courtroom protocol and procedure. We employ a redundant setup that allows for instant switching to a back-up system should a computer failure or software glitch occur.

Show that you mean business before trial.