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Trial Graphics

We are visual storytellers.

Trial Graphics ConsultingFor jurors to hear and remember your message above the noise at trial, your graphics must go beyond presenting basic concepts. Our designers aim to give jurors the context they need to assimilate your themes and make you the best storyteller in the room.

Our graphics team knows how to use dynamic charts, graphs, and illustrations to deliver significant impact. The breadth of our experience – from aerodynamics demos to employment timelines to toothbrush mechanics – means we won’t waste time or money reinventing the wheel. We tailor our graphics to teach jurors even your most difficult, esoteric, or technical concepts.

We support your trial team and each witness with concept development, design, and production of trial imagery that will help you:

  • Clarify and reinforce trial themes;
  • Increase jurors’ retention of details; and
  • Enhance message consistency, coherence, and comprehension.

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