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Video Forensics

There’s more to video evidence than just pressing play.

Observing “hard” video evidence is much more persuasive than being told what happened by two lawyers with opposing viewpoints. Jurors really do have to see it to believe it; if they can become a surrogate eye-witness to an event, they only have to trust their own eyes.

But presented as is, most video is wide open to ambiguities and conflicting interpretations. Not to mention, it can be garbled, choppy, and out of focus. Jurors may not be seeing what you want them to see.

Instead, use our video forensics experts to optimize the footage and weave it into your narrative. We make the most of your video by:

  • Setting the stage, so jurors know the important locations, characters, and events in advance
  • Enhancing the image and audio, so your video is clear and straightforward
  • Emphasizing key details and characters as events unfold – zoom-ins, timestamps, text boxes, overlays, still frames, etc. – while limiting potential distractions

With pacing and perspective, we make your video evidence the centerpiece of the case story jurors tell themselves. Our forensics experts can also closely analyze your opponent’s video to determine if it has been edited or altered in a misleading way.

Maximize your video’s impact on jurors.