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Make Your Witnesses More Likable and Believable.

Make sure your witnesses work with you, not against you.

Wooden Detail in a CourtroomYour witnesses help tell your story. Thus, your witnesses must be confident and credible during deposition and trial testimony. They need to communicate clearly to a jury and keep emotions in check. They need to strike a balance with the power in their voice, body language, and vocabulary. We help make sure they do.

We work with you and your witnesses to increase witness credibility. Our consultants teach your witnesses during witness preparation how to deliver testimony that will resonate with the jury for deposition and for trial. We prepare them for likely lines of questioning and help them be more thoughtful in their answers. We also prepare them to weave their case themes into their responses so they can advance your case story.

We provide assessment and guidance on:

  • Non-verbal and verbal behaviors
  • Messages that align with the jurors’ sensibilities
  • Consistency and discipline in answers for direct and cross examination

When your witnesses are clear and concise with their testimony, they will be seen as more persuasive and more credible.

We make sure your witnesses are ready and dependable.
Learn more on characteristics that increase and decrease witness credibility.