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Take this to the bank: Jurors’ evaluations of financial industry defendants during a recession – Published Article

At Litigation Insights, in order to provide our clients with the best possible case assessments, we continue to conduct research and surveys to determine jurors’ attitudes toward current issues that will be important to them in trials across various fields.  In the following article, published in DRI’s, For the Defense magazine, we wanted to evaluate biases in the way jurors would view banking or finance defendants.  Given that almost all of Americans have felt they’ve been affected by the most recent recession, we conducted a study to gauge those positive or negative attitudes toward the financial industry as well as piece together how these issues could shape jurors’ perceptions toward banking and finance defendants come trial.  From DRI:

“As DRI’s flagship publication for the past 40 years, For The Defense™ (FTD) is the only national monthly magazine specifically written for defense practitioners. Each issue contains in-depth, full-length, feature articles addressing crucial developments in the law and litigation practice. Articles are penned by top defense practitioners and experts from across the country on a variety of topics of interest to lawyers and others concerned with the defense of civil actions.”

Click here to read the article in full.

The article was written by:  Jill Leibold Ph.D., Director – Jury Research; Elizabeth Babbitt, M.A.;  and Louis A. Huber III, Esq. of Schlee, Huber, McMullen and Krause in Kansas City, Mo.

Click here to see an infographic of important findings from the survey.


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