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Why Us?

We offer real help

Legal ScaleOur clients hire us when their cases are complex, difficult, and unclear. They bring us in when issues are volatile, emotions are high, and millions of dollars are at risk. Our track record shows we offer them valuable insights on the toughest of cases. We help them develop the best themes, select the best juries, and prepare the best witnesses.


  • We listen.We want to understand your goals and find ways to support you in reaching them.
  • We customize. We use social science principles to design tests that strive to match what you expect at your trial while minimizing false positives and maximizing reliability.
  • We go beyond data. We interpret your results to make them useful to your trial prep so you can adopt strategies and themes that will resonate with jurors.
  • We tell visual stories. We match words and images to enhance meaning and memorability.
  • We are calm under fire. We bring a steady and dependable sensibility to the often grueling nature of litigation preparation and trial.

Our clients tell us we pay attention to everything, we’re easy to work with, and we deliver the most useful findings and recommendations.