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Founded in Kansas City in 1994, Litigation Insights is a full-service, nationally recognized leader in the trial-consulting and visual-communication fields, providing everything from mock trials, witness preparation, and jury selection services to trial graphics and courtroom technology. We now have offices in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Chicago, and have assisted clients across hundreds of jurisdictions and every state in the nation.

In August 2021, Litigation Insights joined leading trial services firm IMS Consulting & Expert Services. In addition to strengthening our coast-to-coast network to include New York, Oakland, and Pensacola, this union offers our clients expanded access to top talent and best-in-industry support through every phase of litigation. IMS is now the only fully integrated trial services team that delivers the essential tools trial lawyers need for an optimal outcome—including trial persuasion strategy, expert witness selection and preparation, jury consulting, trial graphics, and trial presentation for remote and in-person needs.

We credit this success to our long history of innovation, professionalism, and client loyalty. Where trial consulting was once characterized by an adherence to conventional wisdom, we emphasized data-driven research. From the beginning, our founders applied their academic backgrounds in the social sciences to create unprecedented models for jury research and jury selection that have refined and reinvigorated the field. And we’ve never stopped learning and innovating: whether we’re performing widespread surveys to track jurors’ evolving attitudes, developing remote technology techniques for online research and virtual courtrooms, or incorporating proprietary electronic juror feedback systems. We even craft custom, hybrid test designs as needed – whatever is necessary to ensure the results we receive fulfill our clients’ research goals.

Likewise, in a business often characterized by transitory relationships, we’ve made it a point to build long-lasting partnerships both with clients and our own team members. Our corporate clients include 57 Fortune 100 companies, as well as numerous smaller companies with specialized research needs. We have also worked with a significant number of The National Law Journal’s and Law360’s largest firms. The breadth and depth of our consultants’ experience accounts in large part for our ability to quickly interpret clients’ case facts and focus in on key issues.

We are proud of our established reputation as a provider of top-class consulting services, and we hope you’ll let us show you why clients continue to rely on our team for their toughest litigation needs.